Project Templates can be applied when creating new, or editing existing Quotes and Projects by clicking the Add Template to Project button.

This will pop up a list of templates previously created which you can apply one or many to the Project or Quote.   You can Search for a specific template. 

You can add multiple templates, either by selecting different templates or, by using the Quantity field, multiples of the same template.  This will add multiples of the template's tasks and materials, which suits workflows such as fabrication where you need to product multiple products and the products are pre-defined as a project template.    You can choose if you want WorkGuru to merge multiples of the same tasks and materials by clicking the Merge existing rows.

NOTE:  The Templates are ordered alphabetically in the Template list.  If you name your templates hierarchally, it will optimise how quickly you can find and apply them.

Once you have selected and applied the template to the project.  You can apply additional templates to the project as required by repeating this process.