Assets in WorkGuru allows you to easily raise projects for multiple assets at once via a project group.   This is designed for workflows just as you need to raise maintenance projects on a specific fleet or vehicles, or a cleaning projects for all clients at a specific address or building.   The assets can be raised from the same or different clients, as the project group invoicing functionality allows you to invoice easily by project or by client.

  1. From the assets dashboard, select the relevant assets that need projects raised from the check boxes.   You can search for a particular set of clients, types or custom fields as required.
  2. When more than one asset is selected, the + Create Project Group button will appear.  Click this button to raise the project group.
  3. From the create a project group popup, fill in the following fields:
    1. Name - Project group name
    2. Description - Project group description
    3. Start Date - Start date of the grouped projects
    4. Due Date - Finish date of the grouped projects
    5. Project Template - Template to be used to create the grouped projects
    6. Project Manager - Project manager to be assigned to the grouped projects.
  4. WorkGuru will then create a project per selected asset, and show the project group detail page so you can confirm the details and access the individual projects.
  5. The projects can also be accessed directly from the projects dashboard.
  6. The projects can then be scheduled, assigned and completed individually, then invoiced via the project group.
  7. The project history will then be available in the Asset history.