UoMs allow you to purchase products in different units than you use on your projects or invoice to clients.

To add a UoM to an existing product:

  1. Find and open the product details page of the product that requires UoMs  Administration -> Products
  2. Click Edit Product to access the UoMs
  3. Click the Units of Measure tab
  4. Click Add UoM and fill out the fields:
    1. SKU - UoM's unique product code
    2. Name - UoM's Name
    3. Supplier Code - UoM's supplier code. (This function also enables alternate suppliers for the product with a UoM quantity of one)
    4. Barcode - UPC, EAN or your own barcode on the UoM's packaging.
    5. Quantity - The number of the primary unit that exists in this UoM.
    6. Cost Price - Supplier price for the UoM ex GST
    7. Sell Price - Your sell price for the UoM ex GST
  5. Repeat the process if the product has multiple UoMs ie- pack and carton, or square m, carton or pallet etc.
  6. Click Save to add the UoMs to the product.
  7. UoMs can now be seen and edited in the product dashboard.    You can identify a UoM as it will indicate it has a parent SKU next to its UoM SKU.    If editing a UoM, ensure that it is always set as a FIFO product.   Setting as a NonStock product will cause the UoM to not receive it's primary SKU's UoM quantity int to stock on a PO.
  8. The UoMs are now available to add to a purchase order.  As the UoMs are received, 1 Carton will add 24 bottles into SOH etc.
  9. You can also bulk add product UoMs to existing products using a UoM import template.