UoMs allow you to purchase products in different units than you use on your projects or invoice to clients.

To add a UoM to an existing product:

  1. Find and open the product details page of the product that requires UoMs  Administration -> Products
  2. Click Edit Product to access the UoMs
  3. Click the Units of Measure tab
  4. Click Add UoM and fill out the fields:
    1. SKU - UoM's unique product code
    2. Name - UoM's Name
    3. Supplier Code - UoM's supplier code. (This function also enables alternate suppliers for the product)
    4. Barcode - UPC, EAN or your own barcode on the UoM's packaging.
    5. Quantity - The number of the primary unit that exists in this UoM.
    6. Cost Price - Supplier price for the UoM
    7. Sell Price - You price for the UoM
  5. Repeat the process if the product has multiple UoMs ie- pack and carton, or square m, carton or pallet etc.
  6. Click Save to add the UoMs to the product.
  7. The UoMs are now available to add to a purchase order.  As the UoMs are received, 1 Carton will add 24 bottles into SOH etc.