Kits in WorkGuru are a great way to group components together into a single SKU for use on stock sales*. A kit product is treated as a virtual product who's stock on hand is determined by the availability of its bill of material (BoM) components, where it's stock on hand is the least amount of components available. A kit differs from unit of measure (UoM) functionality in that it can contain different products, where as a UoM is a quantity of the same product.

For example, let's say that you have a chair who's BoM contains four legs, one seat, and one cushion. If there are 20 seats, 20 cushions, and 8 legs then then the component's availability is broken down as follows:

Legs: 8 / 4 = 2

Cushions: 20 / 1 = 20

Seats: 20 / 1 = 20

The lowest stock on hand is 2 and therefore, that is the stock on hand for the kit in this example, and the number of chairs you could produce using the current stock of its components.

To create a kit in WorkGuru, you must have already added or imported the component products you want to use in your kit bill of materials before you setup the kit or "parent" product.

  1. Create a new product.  This is the kit or "parent" product and is created like any other product.  To define the new product as a kit, set the TrackingType to Kit and Save
  2. Click Edit Product and if the kit type was set correctly, you will see a Bill of Materials tab.
  3. Click Add Item to Bill of Materials and fill out the following:
    1. SKU - Display/lookup product SKU.   SKU must existing in the product database to be added to a kit BoM.
    2. Name - Display/lookup product name.
    3. Quantity - BoM quantity.
  4. Repeat the add item process until the bill of materials for the kit is complete and click Save.
  5. Kit products are identified in the product list with the suffix "Kit Product"

*Note: Kit products are not supported for projects. If wanting to use a kit product against a project, either create a FIFO/ Nonstock product to represent the kit or consider production jobs if the kit is something produced in-house.