WorkGuru allows you to cost a purchase order and import it to your accounting system before you receive your stock.  This is useful when your supplier invoices you up front and won't ship the order until payment or deposit is received.

To cost a purchase order when you have received the supplier's tax invoice without physically receiving stock:

  1. Open the approved purchase order that doesn't have a supplier invoice number from the purchase order dashboard (Purchases -> Purchases -> Approved)
  2. Click the Update Invoice Details button (Not Receive Purchase Order)
  3. Enter the following from the supplier's tax invoice to the purchase order total equals the invoice.
    1. Invoice Date
    2. Invoice Due Date
    3. Supplier Invoice Number
    4. Each line item's Invoice Price
    5. Add Landed Cost if required (only available on stock orders, not project orders).
  4. Ensure you have not entered a Received Date and then click Save
  5. The purchase order will then be queued to import to Xero in the Xero dashboard (Accounting -> Xero -> Send Purchase Orders)
  6. When the ordered physically arrives, you can receive the purchase order by clicking Receive Purchase Order and entering the received date.