Release Notes 10/12/21

New Updates


  • Added settings to enable/disable search function on kiosk project/task lists (some users had issues with floating keyboards on mobile devices covering these lists)


  • Added logic to bring the reporting categories and/or client PO number to the generated invoice when invoicing a project group if all child projects have the same

  • Added ability to print timesheets for project group invoice (displays timesheets since the last project group invoice).

  • Improved display of credit terms on invoice documents (eg 30 Days EOM, instead of 30Eom)

  • Added reporting category dropdown to the “edit invoice” screen for users set to use it

Custom Reports

  • Extending custom reports to include POs

  • Updated project calculation on custom report 


  • Added delete function to clients record files

  • Updated forecast revenue calculation 

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed delete functionality to custom price on client’s edit and detail page

  • Fixed client terms not saving when adding/ editing a client

Document Templates

  • Fixed product line amount on project templates to display the total line on printed documents.

  • Fixed a rounding issue when generating documents


  • Added fix to prevent lead duplication when double-clicking

Stock & Production Jobs

Fixed dispatch date format on stock sale 

  • Fixed issue where output line item description was not mapping from production job template to production job

  • Fixed search functionality in the add production job template modal popup when adding/ editing production job

  • Fixed purchase orders getting detached from stock sales when editing/ receiving/ updating PO supplier invoice

  • Fixed logic for production job backorders when actualUsedQty is greater than forecastQty for tasks/products


  • Fixed an error caused by clicking to add quick invoice on a project because of null credit days for the client

  • Fixed issue with account codes not saving correctly for line items when editing invoice

  • Fixed default payment terms applied for project group invoices due date

  • Fixed issues around attaching files to invoice when invoice not attached to project


  • Fixed quote due date on the “add a new quote” page

  • Fixed quote expiry and forecast dates not displaying correctly on details page


  • Fixed issues that were causing “AddOrEditProduct” page to break

  • Fixed issues with import Product Par levels and locations


  • Fixed project notes not displaying on projects

  • Fixed project notes not displaying users names on initial note creation

  • Fixed various UI elements when adding/editing project group (title, search functionality, added project numbers to search table)

Purchase Orders

  • Fixed issues with uploading files to POs 

  • Fix displaying sender name on PO email tab

  • Fixed issue correct tax was not showing when editing existing PO


  • Fixed user dropdown not populating for “addOrEditWeeklyTimesheets” for admin users

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