Release Notes 22/12/21

New Updates


  • Permission to filter quotes on quote dashboard by quote owner


  • Permission to filter projects on project dashboard by the project manager

Purchase Orders

  • Added user prompt to continue/cancel when selecting a project from the advanced purchase modal if that project was already selected and/or added to the PO


  • Added permission checks for sending/skipping invoices/POs/CNs to accounting → requires accounting permission


  • Added incompleted task by staff report

  • Added custom report titles to the browser page title

  • Ability to delete custom reports

  • Fixed totals data not flowing through to stock sales custom reports

  • Added direction column and formatted value column on COGS without Categories report

Bug Fixes


  • Client Name is now a  Hyperlink on Invoices


  • Fixed updating price tiers on product edit page


  •  Fixed issues around project creator and creation date appearing on project

  • Fixed tab filtering on recurring project index 

  • Fixed issue with project dashboard status dropdown showing cancelled for projects without a status

  • Fixed issue with notification service causing job completion from project dashboard status dropdown to fail

Purchase Orders

  • Fixed advanced PO costs not being attributed to project custom reports

  • Fixed error being thrown when updating PO supplier invoice if line item tax type not set


  • Fixed update pricing on the client edit page

  • Fixed account balance on client detail page not showing correct value and updated to show GST incl value

Custom Reports

  • Fixed various custom reports not retrieving most recent data (eg POs, stocksales)

  • Fixed stage filter and errors relating to name/ number on lead custom reports

  • Fixed Total/ TaxTotal/ TotalCost not flowing through on stock sales custom reports

Production Jobs

  • Fixed issue causing excessive decimal places on production job line items when adding from template


  • Fixed Kiosk not showing current task when resuming most recent timesheet


  • Fixed creation date of payments synced from Xero being sync date instead of payment date