Release Notes 07/01/22


Purchase Orders

  • Added setting for default billable project PO markup percentage (default 30%)


  • Added Staff Timesheets Report formatted for Export (beta), linked from the Staff Timesheets Report. So, the totals rows on the Staff Timesheets Report are not supported in the export, and  a link to a page with those totals manually coded in is now provided to allow those totals to be exported


  • Added Invoiced Total and Profit columns to stock sale custom reports

  • Add new stock report to display stock in total and by location, in value and quantity 


  • Notifications for the project manager to see when notes have been added to a job they manage

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed incorrect product details links on products purchased report


  •  Fixed null reference error when opening project detail page, if the user that created project has been deleted.

  • Fixed mapping issue preventing project files from being uploaded


  • Added validation to buttons on the “select quote” modal when marking lead as won/ lost (i.e. you can no longer save without an option selected, they must either select a quote or ‘no quote’)

Production Jobs

  • Fixed search function in production job index page.


  • Removed inactive users from daily staff timesheet summary report.

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