Release Notes 14/01/22



  • Added searching to AddOrEditLeadActivity dropdowns

  • Added support to print and email lead documents


  • Added support for printing stock sale merge fields on related invoices


  • Added notes tab to the product details page

  • Applied alphabetical sorting to product lines when editing client custom pricing (matches detail view)

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed error when saving application settings


  • Fixed logic when cancelling a project via dashboard dropdown which was causing an incorrect permissions error

  • Fix creation time and modification time format on the project detail page.

  • Updated Project list to display only “in progress” status on add or update project group


  • Fixed an error occurring on “Product SKU Sales by Invoice Date - Detailed” report when a project line was deleted after being invoiced

Purchase Order

  • Fixed issue with purchase order currency/ exchange rate getting nullified when editing supplier invoice


  • Fixed an issue causing staff to not see all relevant tasks when submitting timesheet

  • Fixed issue preventing bulk approval of timesheets from the timesheet dashboard due to missing checkboxes against each entry

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