Release Notes 21/1/22


Project Groups

  • Added custom fields to project groups

  • Added ability to print project group custom fields on related invoices

  • Fixed a NullReferenceException when printing a project group document


  • Linked stock usage reversals to their relevant project detail page

Purchase Orders

  • Added receipted date to purchase order details page


  • Added cost details and total cost footer to WIP (Actuals) Report

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed stock index page print issue 

  • Fixed the divide by zero error on the potential stock shortage report 

  • Fixed data tables display bug on the stock index page


  • Added quote number to project index page filter (ability to search project by the quote number it comes from)

  • Fixed Project Detail Forecast/Actual Report not taking other currencies into consideration for purchases

  • Fixed NullReferenceException on product and projects details pages, added additional null checks on both pages

Production Jobs

  • Created production job template for production job print


  • Fixed displaying supplier name display on the product view page

  • Fixed “back to list” button direction to product index page

  • Optimised database call when loading the product detail page


  • Fixed weekly timesheets approval checkbox that was previously hidden

  • Fixed approve button not appearing on submitted weekly timesheets index page

  • Fixed costing on timesheets widget

  • Fixed CanSeeAllProjects permission affecting timesheet task visibility

  • Fixed duplicates error when sending timesheets to Xero


  • Fixed EntityNotFoundException when deleting contact from within the supplier addOrEdit page

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