Release Notes 04/02/22



  • Adjusted invoice table on project details page to separate project vs project group invoices


  • Added addition column to client-specific pricing report to show the client and default margin


  • Added project description to project group detail page


  • Qualifications phase 1 has now been released - You can now list what licences/qualifications people have, plus the expiry dates and copies of these certificates


  • Updated quote reports showing quote revision number if it has

  • Added field to print quote line-item unit cost

  • Extended lead fields to quote printing

  • Added delete button to quotes detail page (for drafts only)


  • Updated all template lists to sort alphabetically

  • Quantity and Pricing now support 4 decimal places on POs and invoices. The line item total is rounded to 2 decimal places, and tax amounts are added for the document at 4 decimal places, then rounded to 2 decimal places in line with Xero

Bug Fixes

Credit Notes

  • Fixed client account balance not factoring in credit notes


  • Fixed account code not mapping to credit note line item from purchase order line item


  • Fixed project details invoiced widget including project group invoices

  • Fixed issue causing sort order to not map from project to invoice

Purchase Order

  • Fixed logic which allowed invoiced PO’s to be deleted


  • Fixed incorrect margin calculation on client-specific pricing report

  • Fixed client forecast vs detail report date pickers and invoiced amount not including invoiced purchases


  • Optimised slow load-times for timesheets task dropdown in App and Kiosk


  • Fixed internal error when sorting by roles in the user list

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