Release Notes 11/2/22



  • Added contact details and tab counts to leads detail page

  • Added email settings for leads (subject, body text, ability to replace merge fields in both)


  • Various QOL UI updates to the AddOrEditRecurringProject page

Purchase Orders

  • Updated PO details products table UI to be contextual depending on whether PO is received or invoiced-not-received

  • Added ability to set approval limits for each user


  • Added additional columns to WIP(Quoted) report


  • Updated all the line item description boxes to auto-resize on project, quote, stock sale, production jobs, project templates, POs etc

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed divide by zero error on update invoice detail page


  • Fixed date custom fields not displaying as “date pickers” in the client add/edit page


  • Renamed ‘Print’ button to ‘Email’ on quote AddOrEdit page (led to the quote email preview screen), added extra ‘Print’ button to print with doc template


  • Updated file list sorting to show newest first on the project

  • Updated the date format on the project completed notification email

  • Fixed issue causing some newly created projects to not have their user creator Id set correctly

Purchase Order

  • Fixed the error for receiving PO’s that  include adhoc items

  • Fixed the mapping issue for PO project after merging POs


  • Changed “location” to “warehouse” on the stock dashboard 

  • Fixed the issue for adding Adhoc products as non-stock product 

  • Fixed an error that occurred on stock movement history

  • Fixed logic error when deleting stock sales

  • Fixed stock movement unit cost calculation and DivideByZeroExc when receiving kit products

  • Fixed DivideByZeroExc on client-specific pricing report


  • Fixed weekly timesheets printing 0 length timesheets on documents

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