Release Notes 11/3/22



  • Made client credit terms visible to invoice details/add/edit pages


  • Added export buttons to recurring projects index

  • Added toggle all button to project group emails tab (toggles all email body visibility)


  • Added project task lines as a custom report type


  • Added colours to tasks that display on the project schedule

  • Added toggle all button to project schedule (toggles all task visibility)


  • Added SentToAccounting column to credit note index pages

  • Added optional BillableLength and ExternalCosting columns to timesheet import

Bug Fixes


  • Resolved nullReferenceExc on the invoice details page

  • Fixed a logic error causing the due date to be calculated incorrectly when invoicing a project group


  • Fixed large lead descriptions causing issues with the lead dashboard table. Descriptions greater than 100 characters are now truncated with the full description available as a hover effect on the description cell


  • Resolved an error when revising a quote that was created with a project template that contained user-assigned tasks


  • Resolved an error when duplicating a project template that contained user-assigned tasks

  • Resolved project completion notifications causing the last modified user to be nullified on a project

Purchase Order

  • Fixed alternate supplier code not mapping when adding product to PO

Production Jobs

  • Fixed adding empty product line to product job using project line item ViewModel instead of production job line item ViewModel


  • Added ability to remove UOM line from product

  • Fixed the stock index page requiring both the ‘Stock’ and ‘Contacts’ permissions to appear in the side menu


  • Fixed an issue causing ‘Number’ type custom fields to be constrained to integers (now accepts decimals)

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