Release Notes 19/12/22



Accounting - WorkGuru / Xero Expense Reconciliation

  • WorkGuru now allows the allocation of invoices and expenses created in Xero, along with work created in WorkGuru to  relevant projects. Ensuring all costs are accounted for. Please view the video below for details or follow the link,


  • Restrictions have been placed on re-costing templates and are now limited to permitted users only. Similarly, only permitted users have the ability to delete invoices. Please remember to update permissions for required users.

UI Improvements

  • There have been various improvements over the past week on the timesheets table and production jobs pages. Columns now align better, along with improved visibility of data.


  • Extended global search to include stock sales, client credit notes and supplier credit notes

Buying Guru

  • Users can now create PO's based off par stock level reports generated via Buying Guru. Note: this was previously accessed in WorkGuru's legacy reports and has now been given its own tab


  • Custom reports can now be copied for re-use with similar parameters
  • New unpaid purchase orders report available
  • Reports that allow editing can now have their fields re-ordered


  • Added ability to attach product files to emails


Custom Fields

  • Fixed issue whereby new custom fields were not being created when creating a project or stock sale for a quote
  • Extended custom fields to the copying PO functionality


  • Updated mapping for rounding  line items on invoices to be more specific
  • Reconciliation tool now correctly displaying customer invoices and not excluding already-skipped invoices

Project Templates

  • Fixed automapper exception when uploading project templates
  • Fixed issue with staff allocation not displaying on template task lines


  • Fixed an exception occurring when uploading project templates
  • Fixed finish-time input when editing existing timesheet not having a minimum date set thus allowing negative length timesheets
  • Fixed issue whereby user could be logged out when reverting weekly timesheet to draft


  • Profit by project pivot forecast revenue calculation fixes
  • Fixed issue whereby copying project also copied link to quote
  • Project Groups
  • Related projects now correctly displaying within groups.


  • Fixed issues with timezone conversions on the start/end date filters for timesheets reports

Credit Note Line Items

  • Removed min unitAmount input validation from credit note line items to allow saving positive quantities and negative amounts
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