Release Notes 16/01/23



  • Project status (ProjectStatus) has now been added to our WIP reports
  • Source type, source number, and source client fields have been added to our Product SKU Sales pivot report. This allows advanced filtering based on client and billing client relationships
  • Extended client custom fields and region field to activity lines report

Document Templates

  • There is now the ability to include or exclude currency and percentage symbols on document templates via table header lines. To include the symbol on a header line, wrap it in square brackets.

Production Jobs

  • Added ability to update production job due date from the production job dashboard.
  • Improved UI on production job dashboard to appear similar to project dashboard

iOS & Android Mobile Applications

  • Added a search box to the projects list on the add timesheet page
  • Added project number to the project list on the add timesheet page
  • Dark mode added to the IOS app



  • Bug fixes to revenue fields on stock sale summary reports

Materials Table on Projects

  • Fixed behaviour for select all checkbox on materials table

Price Tiers

  • Fixed issue with task upload not creating new price tiers when existing price tiers are included on the upload template

Production Jobs

  • Fixed fill form button on production job details page
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