WorkGuru Release Notes - 24/01/2023

We just wanted to keep you updated on the past week's releases. For detailed instructions on how to use the features of WorkGuru, please see our list of support articles (


  • Client/ supplier contact email list is now ordered alphabetically for all supplier and client contacts
  • Suppliers can now be merged

Stock Transfers

  • Stock transfer line items quantity and unit cost now displaying to 4dp
  • New ability to recost received stock transfers
  • Added status filter to index table

Credit Notes

  • Dates can now be updated on Credit Note pages

Production Jobs Cost Widget

  • Added supplier credit notes to production jobs cost widget

IOS & Android

  • Resolved issue caused by search bar on the project picker on "add timesheet page"

Supplier Notes

  • Fixed issue causing supplier credit note line items being unlinked from advanced purchase order line items


  • Issue fixed whereby WIP reports were not factoring in in multicurrency, advanced purchase orders, cancelled purchase orders, and credits

Project Details

  • WIP widget now factoring in credits

Production Jobs

  • Fixed fill form button on production job details page
  • Supplier credit notes now factored into output costing
  • Fixed issue with advanced purchase orders and supplier credits not factoring into costing

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