Release Notes - 07/02/2023

WorkGuru Release Notes - 07/02/2023



We just wanted to update you on our past weeks releases. For detailed instructions on how to use the features of WorkGuru, please see our list of support articles (


Project Phases

Project phases can now be applied to projects, enabling users to report based off different elements of a project (E.g. Mobilisation, scaffolding, installations). Users can also invoice based off of project phases. Please review the video in this link for a more detailed overview.



Permitted users can now see related quotes on quotes details tab that show other revisions and their files


Bug Fixes


Fixed issue with invoiced links on asset details page



Date inputs on invoice index page now filter table automatically



Fixed server response issues caused by images being saved to products



Fixed issue whereby it was possible for the most recent stock usage to not be costed appropriately

Fixed profit widget on project details page not factoring in multicurrency or net invoiced amounts



Fixed issue where selecting pre-defined date ranges were not calculating correctly

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