Release Notes - 15/02/2023



- Product categories can now be applied when running the Activity Lines Pivot Report

- Task names populated in he SKU column of the Project Forecast VS Actual pivot report when filtering line type via Timesheet to allow visibility of tasks on timesheets


Recurring Projects

- Billing Client ID now has prefill option on the add or edit page



- Extra timesheet validation implemented behind the scenes to ensure safe data entry


Android and IOS

- WorkGuru Kiosk now available in both Apple and Play stores




Bug Fixes


- Fixed client custom pricing not coming through when adding a template to a quote or project



- Fixed null referencing issues in Google drive integration causing the API server to crash



- Fixed SQL exception when adding new products with attached product image



- Fixed project stock usage not first ordering by date



- Fixed issue where selecting pre-defined date ranges were not calculating correctly

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