Release Notes 18/05/2023

WorkGuru Release Notes - 18/05/2023



We'd like to keep you updated on our latest releases. For detailed instructions on how to use the features of WorkGuru, please see our list of support articles ( We update these articles regularly to stay up to date with the features of the application.

From this week, we're please to announce our Asana, Dropbox and Google Drive integrations are now available in beta. The next integration in our development pipeline is SuiteFiles.




The Asana, Dropbox and Google Drive integrations are now live in beta and the integrations dashboard has been refreshed

To learn more about how our integrations work, you can find relevant support articles here.



Added a permission-bound link to the project group (if applicable) from the projects dashboard


Project Templates

Project phases can now be saved against templates, which can then be applied to quotes and projects

Details page now includes a client dropdown which will factor in client custom pricing and price tiers



Suppliers/ Clients

The client and supplier dashboard now filter by active by default

Templates shown on the recurring projects tab of the client details page now factor in client custom pricing and price tiers


Document Templates

Phase tables can now be printed on quotes. You can find our default quote doc templates here



You can now configure a default reporting period from within your settings. This will apply to any pivot reports that use the time period dropdown



Purchase Orders

To prevent discrepancies, PO's sent to accounting can no longer be cancelled



Updated version of WorkGuru Kiosk is available in App and Play stores which includes To-Dos, My Tasks, and My Stock Sales on the main menu.

Our mobile application now includes a task list on the home menu

Mobile app now allows custom fields to be applied to timesheets and purchase orders

WG app now has



Old reports are now marked as deprecated on WorkGuru API


Bug Fixes


Fixed issue with duplicate timesheets being created when using weekly timesheets by default but submitting daily timesheets via the mobile app



Fixed issue with emails on projects

Fixed issue with adding stock usage on jobs with no product lines

Fixed issue with user and team tasks not saving on new projects

Fixed issue whereby asset list was not populating according to clients when adding/ editing a project


Production Jobs

Fixed issue whereby completing production jobs caused the un-linking of of standard PO's from jobs




Fixed issue with no details shown on skipped invoice from Ezzybills



Fixed issue where users tasks were being duplicated on quotes

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