Release Notes - 18/09/2023

WorkGuru Release Notes - 18/09/2023


Hi Workguru

We'd like to keep you updated on our latest releases. For detailed instructions on how to use the features of WorkGuru, please see our list of support articles ( We update these articles regularly to stay up to date with the features of the application.

We highly encourage users to review our feature requests forum and upvote any features you'd like to see on the platform. We filter these and review the requests with the most upvotes for possible implementation. Please have a look through the forum here to vote.




Custom Fields on Line Items

We're pleased to announce that custom fields can now be applied to line items. This enables custom data to be applied directly to products and tasks on the platform if needed.








Updated total data reset to include Credit Notes

Added a permission for editing Project Statuses

Added support for spaces on phases on project templates

Minor updates for SuiteFiles - Support articles now available

Minor staff board updates

Updates to reporting and document printing


Mobile App & Kiosk


2 Factor Authentication now applied to mobile app and Kiosk

Added status filter to Purchase Order list on mobile app


Bug Fixes



Fixed issue preventing saving quotes when edited and all product or task lines have been removed

Fixed issue with copying quotes


Purchase Orders

Fixed issue preventing PO dashboard exports

Fixed product costing issue occurring when PO invoice updated after goods are used on a completed job

Fixed account code mapping when adding line item during PO receipt



Fixed issue with copying Projects and Forms

Project details page UI fix applied to files tab count



Fixed auto mapper exception on time sheet Add Or Edit page



Fixed multi-currency invoice payment amounts factoring into client account balance, and added update to include revenue vs paid vs credited info on-hover

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