Release Notes 27/09/2023

WorkGuru Release Notes - 27/09/2023



We'd like to keep you updated on our latest releases. For detailed instructions on how to use the features of WorkGuru, please see our list of support articles ( We update these articles regularly to stay up to date with the features of the application.

We highly encourage users to review our feature requests forum and upvote any features you'd like to see on the platform. We filter these and review the requests with the most upvotes for possible implementation. Please have a look through the forum here to vote.




Purchase orders

Added the ability to print asset fields on Purchase Orders



Added the ability to see phase totals when quoting with Phases. Hover cursor over the total on your tasks table, products table, or overall total to see summary - Quoting Documentation





Updated partner subs creation to include max user feature setting logic

Decoupled elements on quote dashboard to improve load time

Added support for global date range on WorkFlowMax sync

Added additional validation to prevent receipt of duplicate Purchase Orders

Updated client import to provide better validation

Updated Project PO table to allow date sorting

Enabled search by Stock Transfer Number on Stock Transfer table

Enable Credit Note Number searching on credit note tables


Mobile App & Kiosk


New release available for IOS and Android


Bug Fixes



Fixed issue with API key creation



Fixed issue with timesheets not including project info on project group details



Fixed SQL Exception when editing products


Production Jobs

Fixed Null Reference on Production Job details page



Fixed issue with line item custom field mapping when accepting quotes


Project Templates

Fixed issue preventing staff allocation when editing project templates

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