Release Notes 01/11/2023

WorkGuru Release Notes - 01/11/2023


Hi Workguru

We'd like to keep you updated on our latest releases. For detailed instructions on how to use the features of WorkGuru, please see our list of support articles ( We update these articles regularly to stay up to date with the features of the application.

We highly encourage users to review our feature requests forum and upvote any features you'd like to see on the platform. We filter these and review the requests with the most upvotes for possible implementation. Please have a look through the forum here to vote.

This week sees the release of serial number inventory tracking which is the largest update to the inventory module in several years.




Serial Number Inventory Tracking

We're pleased to announce the release of a new major feature, serial number inventory tracking. Please follow the link/ click the below for a short video on how this works.





Add or Edit timesheets from Projects. You can now enter time as a decimal number as well as the standard colon based time entry. E.g. 0.5 = 00:30 and 00:30 = 0.5.

Drag and drop phase ordering on quotes add or edit page

Pin number and Payroll Id included on user import

Invoice lines by pivot date report now contains a source doc owner field (Maps through project managers)

Updates to client contact import

Auto checked checkbox to pre-fill blank custom fields when adding templates to quotes and projects


Mobile App & Kiosk


New mobile app version available in IOS app and play stores

Can now receive purchase orders in mobile app

Menu added for weekly timesheets

Users can now download/ upload files on purchases

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