Release Notes 07/12/2023

Quotes can now be included or excluded from Sales Forecasts after they have been issued from the quotes details page.

Bulk deletion of production job rows can now be done to quickly remove unwanted rows from production jobs when editing them. This will eventually roll out to other areas of the platform

A profit widget is now visible within Project Groups, summing all related project profit

We now enable the ability to create templates directly from production jobs

New Project Product Lines by Start Date report is available in the Projects section of our Pivot reports

Added extra export utility buttons for users from the user dashboard


The Purchase Order import has been updated in order to provide better user validation support and guidance. Our support docs are updated shortly after these updates go live, please keep an eye out for any changes.

Refactored Myob invoice syncing to fix multiple issues, added additional user-friendly error handling

Pagination has been added to the Project Board

Product imports with a parent product SKU of less than 1 are now blocked from the product import

Added Tax information to line item reports

Included parent product SKU on advanced product exports (If selected)

Added active record pattern to tax rates

Added additional validation to the recurring project upload

Updates to standardise company logo appearances

User dashboard set to only show active users by defualt

Updates made to impersonations (Done by admins), making tokens persistent

Updates made to user import in order to make it more user friendly

Ongoing performance updates made where applicable to data mappings across the platform

Bug Fixes

Fixed issues with emailed files not delivering

Fixed issue with quote signing when client is a signed-in WG user

Fixed quotes on client details not paginated properly, nor displaying correctly

Fixed JavaScript issues after adding template to production job

Fixed bug affecting client pages on the mobile apps

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