Release notes 20//12/2023

Project product line custom fields are now available on the Project Product Lines by Start Date Pivot Report

Client Contact and Purchase order fields are now available on Project Activity Line Pivot Reports

Phase template printing and emailing is now available within Projects. Select the phase you wish to view on the Project Details page and this functionality will be invoked

Audit information now included on Asset details page

Setting Alert: You can update your default reporting period via settings -> General -> Defaults Report Time Period

Custom fields are now supported on Product imports. Please review our help guide here, for instructions on how to include them.

Stock Shortages Report has been added to the Purchases menu

Dropbox scope updates for re-verification

Myob API errors article now linked from the index page

User timesheet widget updates

Bug Fixes

Fixed Purchase Order table on Supplier details page

Fixed Null reference error when sending time sheets to Xero

Fixed an issue with Client Activity Lines Pivot Report

Fixed issue with Global Search

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