Release Notes 12/02/2024 Release Notes


We're pleased to announce the release of background syncing with Xero has now gone live. This is an optional setting, that if enabled, eliminates the need for you to manually sync across information to Xero by sending what's queued each hour for Invoices/POs/Queued Files, and daily for payments and COGS (If not already sent). This feature can be enabled via your accounting settings shown in the image below.


Sent to:


WorkGuru Pty Ltd, 3/414 Logan Road, Stones Corner Qld 4120, Australia

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It would be great if there was a separate tab on Purchase Order page to upload the Invoice that gets pushed to Xero when you enable it.


I changed to YES and it uploaded Files I did not want in Xero. we put our delivery Dockets, Proof of Delivery and Photos of Materials that we do not need uploaded or want uploaded to Xero.

Had to change it back to NO.

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