Release Notes 15/03/2024

WorkGuru Release Notes

Default mark up percentages can now be applied to Quotes and Projects from the Actions menu drop down

Updated project lines import to allow for staff and team allocations

Kiosk and timesheet-related updates and query optimisations

Task completion handler updates

Additional Dashboards and Widgets query optimisations

Updated error handling on asset import

Decimal precision updates on WIP

UI/ UX tidy ups - These are ongoing

Problems solved

Fixes to numerous areas to handle legacy data issues when unfinished timesheets link to deleted tasks

Fixed issue with invoicing project group actuals by claim date

Fixed deleting timesheets from dashboard logging users out

Fixed inability to save credit note for project from faulty line deletion logic

Fixed issue editing invoices

Fixed Projects due in period report filtering off a project start date rather than a due date

Fixed cost calculation on supplier credit note where the item returned is a UOM product

Fixed bug on Purchase Order import where Project assignment wasn’t working

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