Release Notes - 09/04/2024


RFQ's can now be set up through WorkGuru. This lets you know your Suppliers' prices before completing Purchase Orders.

Timesheet Bulk Reallocation can now be done via the timesheets dashboard -> Reallocate Timesheets button

Unreceive Purchase Orders, Po's can now be unreceived in WorkGuru

Bulk Team Task Assignment, Teams can now be assigned to Project Tasks in bulk

Project Forecast Vs Actuals report updates have been made, allowing greater flexibility when filtering the report.

Updates made to Stock Take upload.

Fixed multi-currency issues when purchasing from a Project.

Fixed issue with timesheet table on invoice documents.

Fixed due date calculation on Project Group Invoices.

Fixed credit terms issue on the Add Client modal.

Fixed Stock Usage errors occurring on Projects with ad-hoc lines.

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