The WorkGuru stock dashboard will show you the list of your products that are stock controlled (FIFO products).  This is where you can see the current stock on hand, incoming (on open POs and PJs) and value by location.   If the SKU you are searching for does not currently have active stock on hand, it will not be displayed.   Click on the Show items with no stock checkbox to show.

You can also drill into the specific stock movements by clicking the Sku > See Stock Movements.  This will then display the full timestamped stock movements in and out by transaction and landed cost.  This is great tool for tracking down missing stock or confirming COGS values etc.

NOTE: The default view will only display SKU's with current stock on hand.  If you need to review the stock movement history of a product that currently is not in stock, click the Show items with no stock box before you search.