To create a stock adjustment to adjust stock on hand qty and value up or down:

  1. From the WorkGuru menu, click on Stock -> Add Stock Adjustment
  2. When creating a stock adjustment, complete the following:

    1. Name - Name of adjustment
    2. Reason - Why are you making this adjustment?
    3. Warehouse - The location the stock will be adjusted.  If you can't add a product, check you have a warehouse selected.
    4. Add Product - Adds a line to search for the product to be adjusted.  Only FIFO products will display.
    5. SKU - Adjusted product/s
    6. Name - Adjusted product/s.
    7. Description - Adjusted product/s.
    8. Quantity - The amount the product will be adjusted either up or down.
    9. Unit Cost - will prefill with the default product cost.  Can be modified to change the value of the products being adjusted in or out.
    10. Direction - Pay close attention to which direction you are adjusting stock.
      1. Stock Out (default) - decreases stock on hand and/or stock value
      2. Stock In - increases stock on hand and/or stock value.
  3. Click Save to save the Stock Adjustment

Once saved you can check the stock on hand values in the Stock -> Stock, search for the product adjusted, and click See Stock Movements