The Warehouse Dashboard allows you to search for and review the warehouses currently setup in WorkGuru.

Clicking on the warehouse Name will open the warehouse details page.

Warehouses in WorkGuru cannot be deleted once created, but they can be edited.  If any of the location details change, or the warehouse is no longer being used, open the warehouse's detail page and click Edit Warehouse.

Update the warehouse details as required

  • Name - Warehouse name.
  • Address1 - Warehouse address.
  • Address2 - Warehouse address.
  • Suburb - Warehouse city.
  • State - Warehouse state.
  • Postcode - Warehouse postcode.
  • IsActive - Warehouse status. Selected is Active, De-selected is InActive.   Note: If you are marking a warehouse as inactive, ensure that you have zeroed out all of it's current stock on hand via a stocktake or stock adjustment before doing so.
  • IsDefault - Used to specific the default warehouse if multiple are setup.  Only one default can be set.

Click Save to apply the changes.