Stock adjustments allow you to add or remove stock qty and value from your current stock on hand.  Great care should be taken with stock adjustments, especially with the stock value it will be adjusting, and only should be completed if absolutely necessary.  Also pay close attention to the direction you are adjusting the stock.

When creating a stock adjustment, complete the following:

  1. Name - Name of adjustment
  2. Reason - Why are you making this adjustment?
  3. Warehouse - The location the stock will be adjusted.  If you can't add a product, check you have a warehouse selected.
  4. Add Product - Adds a line to search for the product to be adjusted.  Only FIFO products will display.
  5. SKU - Adjusted product/s
  6. Name - Adjusted product/s.
  7. Description - Adjusted product/s.
  8. Quantity - The amount the product will be adjusted either up or down.
  9. Unit Cost - will prefill with the default product cost.  Can be modified to change the value of the products being adjusted in or out.
  10. Direction -
    1. Stock Out (default) - decreases stock on hand and/or stock value
    2. Stock In - increases stock on hand and/or stock value.