WorkGuru supports the bulk creation of quotes via a csv import template.  The import template can be uploaded on the imports dashboard (Administration -> Imports)

Note:  This import only creates the quote details, in effect just creates an empty quote.   To populate the quote after creation, either import the quote line items (tasks/costs), or edit the quote and apply a project template.

Quote Import Field Definitions

QuoteNumberQuote reference. Recommended outside of quote sequence.Required
NameQuote nameRequired
DescriptionQuote description
ClientQuote clientRequired
QuoteDateQuote creation date DD/MM/YYYYRequired
ExpiryDateQuote expiry date DD/MM/YYYYRequired
ForecastDateQuote forecast close date DD/MM/YYYYRequired
AssetAssigned asset if required
TemplateProject template to assign tasks and products to the imported quote.  Must match existing template name exactly  (is case sensitive)
StatusQuote status.  Options allowed are:
  • Draft
  • Issued
  • Revised
  • Accepted
  • Declined

If the above options are not used, the imported quote will default to Draft

If you have quote custom fields, these can also be populated on import by adding a column to the import data with the custom field name (not label).  Note: Custom field name is case sensitive, has to match exactly.