Units of Measure

If the product has Units of Measures (UoM), click on the Units of Measure tab. UoMs allow you to purchase and sell products that have multiple units, eg you buy a case of product and sell or use them individually on projects.  

Units of measure with a Quantity of Base Unit set to 1 can be used to record alternate supplier pricing.

Click Add UoM and fill out the following UoM fields:

  1. SKU - UoM's unique product code
  2. Name - UoM's Name
  3. Supplier Code - UoM's supplier code. (This function also enables alternate suppliers for the product)
  4. Barcode - UPC, EAN or your own barcode on the UoM's packaging.
  5. Quantity of Base Unit - The number of the primary unit that exists in this UoM.
  6. Cost Price - Supplier price for the UoM
  7. Sell Price - You price for the UoM

Repeat the process if the product has multiple UoMs ie- pack and carton, or square m, carton or pallet etc.

Click Save, and the product will be added to your products list, or Save and Add which will take you back to the new product screen, if you need to add more products.

Importing Units of Measure

UoMs can be imported in bulk via the UoM Import template.   When importing UoMs, the primary unit needs to be imported or setup first.   To import UoMs, you just require two additional fields to be added to the standard WorkGuru product import template to link the UoM to the primary unit Sku and quantity.

  1. UoM import template field definitions:
    1. ParentProductSku - Product Sku of the "parent", the product used as the primary unit.
    2. ParentProductQuantity - Quantity of the primary unit product which makes up the UoM.
  2. Go to Administration -> Products -> Import Products.
  3. Click Choose File and select the UoM import template.
  4. Click Save to import.