Units of measures (UoMs) allow you to purchase and sell products that have multiple units, e.g. you buy a case/carton/drum/roll/sheet/length of product and sell or use them an individual unit on projects and stock sales.   Units of measure are comprised of the following:

  • The parent or primary unit - usually the smallest unit of the product you use or sell on projects and/or stock sales.  Eg, a Can of Beer.
  • The UoM - A separate SKU defined by the quantity of the parent unit it is composed of.  Eg, Six-pack or Carton.

UoMs when set up and used correctly is an important mechanism to ensure your stock on hand is always consistent, regardless of which unit you buy and sell that product.  The UoM is treated as a virtual product, it is technically never "in stock", the UoMs quantity of the parent product is.  There is no limit to what units you can use, as long as the base unit is consistent with the UoMs quantity.  UoMs also allow you to manage pricing independently of the quantities.    Etc a six pack doesn't have to be 6 x the unit cost of the base product.

For example, if I have a product setup as a parent with two units of measure:

  • Parent Unit - Can of Beer
  • UoM 1 - Six pack of Beer UoM, x 6
  • UoM 2 - Carton of Beer, UoM x 24

If you receive a carton on a purchase order, WorkGuru will move 24 cans into stock on hand, and display the UoM availability as 4 six packs and 1 carton.   If you sell or use one can of beer, there will be 23 cans in stock on hand and update the UoM availability to 3 six packs and 0 cartons.

To create UoMs in WorkGuru, click on the Units of Measure tab of the product's detail page. Click Edit Product to add or manage UoMs.

Click Add UoM and fill out the following UoM fields:

  • SKU - UoM's unique product code.  Recommend using the base product's SKU with a suffix indicating the number in the UoM.
  • Name - UoM's Name.  Recommend using a name similar to the base product with the unit name (carton, sheet, length, roll etc)
  • Supplier Code - UoM's supplier code
  • BarcodeUPC, EAN or your own barcode on the UoM's packaging.
  • Quantity of Base Unit - The number of the primary unit that exists in this UoM.  It is extremely important that the base unit is consistent so the quantity applies correctly.
  • Cost Price Supplier price for the UoM
  • Sell PriceYour price for the UoM

Repeat the process if the product has multiple UoMs ie- pack and carton, or square m, carton or pallet etc. Click Save.   If you need to remove a unit of measure, while editing, click on the "X" on the end of the UoM row.  The UoMs are now listed as a SKU in the product dashboard.  UoMs products are identified by their parent SKU.

Once created, UoM can be edited independently from the parent from it's product detail page buy clicking on the UoM's SKU on the product dashboard.

The UoM can now be used on purchase orders, quotes, projects production jobs and stock sales.  In this example adding a quantity of 24 of the base SKU and a quantity of 1 of the UoM will receive into stock on hand exactly the same quantity.

UoMs can also be setup in bulk in WorkGuru