Product pricing tiers allow you to record alternate pricing for either clients (sell pricing) or suppliers (purchase pricing).  Prices can be added to tiers per product or imported in bulk from an import spreadsheet.  Pricing tiers are also available for tasks.

Adding Pricing Tiers

From the products dashboard Actions menu, click Price Tiers.

Click +Add Price Tier

Enter the price tier information: 

  • Name - Price tier name, it is recommended to keep the tier name a short one word with no spaces.
  • Is This For Suppliers Only - If it is for supplier (purchase pricing) or clients (sell pricing)
    • Yes - Can only be assigned to suppliers and should be populated with the purchase/buy price.
    • No - Default price tier for sell pricing.  Can only be assigned to clients.
  • Fixed Price? Or Markup - Does the price tier value contain the $ price or the markup %.  The default if blank is Fixed Price.

Click Save to apply the changes. The new tier will now be available in the product's add or edit Price Tiers tab to update with the relevant ex GST pricing or markup percentage.   Note: All pricing should be filled out, the tiers do not revert back to the default if they are not populated.

Editing Price Tiers

From the products dashboard Actions menu, click Price Tiers.

Click on the Edit or Delete button as required.

Edit the price tier fields as required and click Save to apply the changes.

Importing Price Tiers

Once setup, Pricing tiers can be imported by adding an additional column(s) to the standard WorkGuru product import with the header matching your price tier names exactly.   Enter the pricing for fixed price tiers and the markup percentage for markup tiers

Assigning Pricing Tiers

Once setup, the pricing tiers can then be allocated to the relevant clients that are eligible for that pricing.  From a client's details page, edit the client and assign the tier from the Price Tier drop-down.