Before integrating EzzyBills to WorkGuru, you first need to retrieve your EzzyBills API key.  In your EzzyBills dashboard, copy your API key from Settings -> Advanced Options -> API:

From the WorkGuru integrations page, click on the EzzyBills icon.

Enter your EzzyBills API key and admin credentials. Click Save and after the page refresh, click the Test EzzyBills Connection button to ensure the credentials entered are correct. If a blue success notification appears, your credentials have been verified and the connection is complete. If not, repeat the process with the correct credentials.   Note:  Be aware of your browser trying to autofil the fields if you are having issues entering the correct credentials.

Once connected, the integration is bi-directional to suit your expense workflow requirements:

  • Send Expenses TO Ezzybills  via the upload option will be available in your Project's Purchases tab.