WorkGuru allows you to track alternate suppliers on SKU's you can purchase from multiple suppliers.   The pricing and supplier details for the SKU will automatically apply based on the supplier the purchase order has been raised for.

This functionality is designed for exactly the same brand/type of product, supplier specific versions of a production should still be tracked as a separate SKU.  

In the product dashboard Administration -> Products -> List Products. Search for the product(s) you want to add alternate suppliers.  Click Edit Product and insure that the SKU already has a default supplier assigned and click on the Alternate Suppliers tab.

Click Add Alternate Supplier and add the 3 fields for as many alternate suppliers are required for that SKU.

  1. Supplier- Select the alternate supplier from the dropdown.  The supplier must already be setup in your Supplier list.
  2. Code - Alternate supplier's supplier code.
  3. Price - Alternate suppliers pricing ex GST for that SKU.

Repeat step 3 for as many alternate suppliers are required. Save your changes

How to apply your alternate suppliers.  Raise a purchase order as per normal with the alternate supplier selected as the supplier.  Click Add Product and if the SKU matches the alternate supplier, it will switch from the default supplier code and pricing to the alternate supplier values.   Notes:

  • If the SKU does not have an alternate supplier that matches the purchase order's supplier, it will always display the default pricing.
  • If you switch the supplier AFTER adding the SKU,  WorkGuru will prompt if you want to switch to the new pricing.  OK applies the new supplier pricing, Cancel retains the current.