One of our core beliefs here at WorkGuru is that the greater the level of data accessibility and transparency you have, the more likely you are to make good decisions for your business that steer you towards profitability and sustainability. To that end, we've built out our V2 reporting module to give as much control as we can to you to build out reports and view your data as you see fit. Below you'll find field definitions and extra information for each of our V2 project reports.


Activity Lines

This pivot table report brings all of the activity that happened in a period into a single table. It shows Projects, Stock Sales, and Invoices with their associated costs and revenue line items in a pivot grid.

The date search criteria brings in the Invoice Date, Supplier Invoice Date (or PO issue date if there is no invoice) and the date of stock usage to calculate your revenue generating and cost incurring activities in the period.

Field Definitions:

FieldNotes/ Expected ValuesDescription
Billing ClientInvoice Purchase/Product/Task LinesInvoice Client Name
ClientInvoice Purchase/Product/Task LinesProject/Stock Sale Client Name else Invoice Client Name
CodeInvoice Purchase/Product/Task LinesInvoice Client Code
DateInvoice Purchase/Product/Task LinesInvoice Date
DocumentInvoice Purchase/Product/Task LinesInvoice Number
ItemInvoice Purchase/Product/Task LinesSKU - Line Name
ProjectInvoice Purchase/Product/Task LinesFor Project - ProjectName. For Stock Sale - SS Number. For Project Group - PG Number.
SourceInvoice Purchase/Product/Task Lines"Invoice"
DateStock Usage LinesCreation Time of Usage
DocumentStock Usage LinesProject Number
ItemStock Usage LinesSKU - Product Name
SourceStock Usage Lines"Stock Usage"
DateStock Sale Stock MovementsMovement Date
DocumentStock Sale Stock MovementsStock Sale Number
ItemStock Sale Stock MovementsProduct SKU - Name
ProjectStock Sale Stock MovementsStock Sale Number
QuantityStock Sale Stock MovementsMovement Quantity
SourceStock Sale Stock Movements"Stock Sale"
UnitCostStock Sale Stock MovementsMovement Unit Cost - Fall Back to Product Cost Price
DateTimesheet LinesTimesheet Start Date
ItemTimesheet LinesProject Task Line Name
QuantityTimesheet Lines1
SupplierTimesheet LinesTimsheet User Full Name
UnitCostTimesheet LinesTimesheet Cost
ClientPurchase LinesProject Client else the PO Client
CodePurchase LinesProject Client Code else PO Client Code
DatePurchase LinesInvoice Date else Issue Date
DocumentPurchase LinesPO Display Number [Including Revision]
ItemPurchase LinesPurchase Line SKU - Name
ProjectPurchase LinesProjectNo - ProjectName/SS Number else "None"
QuantityPurchase LinesInvoice Quantity else Order Quantity
SourcePurchase Lines"Purchase Order" or "Uninvoiced Purchase Order"
UnitCostPurchase LinesInvoice Cost else Order Cost

Current Projects Due in Period

Projects Completed in Period

Project Value vs Invoiced by Start Date

Profit by Project

Profit by Project within Period

Project Task Lines by Start Date

Project Task Lines by Due Date

WIP Based on Actuals

WIP Based on Quoted

Revenue Forecast Report

Project Progress Summary

Project Forecast vs Actual

This report details forecast and actual information per line-item for projects completed or due for completion within the selected period.

When running this report, actuals are grouped together under 'Product' and 'Task' line types with adhoc line actuals matched off SKU. This means stock usage and purchases are part of the 'Product' figures and timesheets are part of the 'Task' figures. Other line types exist on the report to allow for more specific reporting if desired.

Field Definitions:

FieldNotes/ Expected ValuesDescription
Billable"Yes", "No"Billable status of line. For types other than 'Product' and 'Task', this represents the billable status of the line that actual contributes towards.
Billing ClientProject billing client.
ClientProject client.
Completed Datedd/mm/yyyy, "N/A"Project completed date. Task completed date for timesheet lines, received/ invoiced/ issue date for purchase lines dependant on PO status.
DateCompleted or due date for project. This field is used by the 'Year', 'Qtr', 'Month' and 'Day' fields to provide date-based pivot functionality.
DescriptionLine description.
Discount"Product" lines only.Discount saved against line item.
DueDatedd/mm/yyyyProject due date. Finish time for timesheet lines, invoice due date for purchase lines.
LineTypeType of line: "Product", "Task", "Stock Usage", "Purchase", "Timesheet"
NameName of line. User name for timesheet lines, product name for stock usage.
SkuSKU of line or product. "N/A" or blank for non-product lines.
StartDatedd/mm/yyyyProject start date. Start time for timesheet lines, issue date for purchase lines.
StatusProject status for product/ task/ stock usage lines. Type status for others.
ForecastCostThe combined forecast cost against 'Product' and 'Task' lines, or specific costing for other line types.
ActualCostThe combined actual cost against 'Product' and 'Task' lines, or specific costing for other line types.
ForecastValueThe combined forecast billable amount against 'Product' and 'Task' lines, or specific amount for others. Not all line types are directly invoicable and will display with 0.
ActualValueThe combined invoiced amount against 'Product' and 'Task' lines. Timesheets will display the invoiced amount for their task. Purchase lines will display the amount invoiced for that line.

Production Job Forecast vs Actual

Recurring Projects by End Date

Recurring Projects Occurrence and Invoiced within Period

Project Templates Pivot Table