WorkGuru allows you to import and update your client and suppliers in bulk from a csv spreadsheet import template. The update function matches on the client or supplier name, so this is the only field that cannot be updated.   When importing data back into WorkGuru, if the client/supplier name exists, it will be updated, if it doesn't, it will be added.

NOTE: The update feature is only valid for clients and suppliers, NOT client or supplier contacts.  Exporting and updating contacts WILL create duplicates.

To update clients and suppliers in WorkGuru:

  1. Export the existing client/supplier list from the client/supplier dashboard's Actions button.
  2. Open the downloaded WorkGuruProductExport.csv file in your spreadsheet editor of choice.   Be aware of spreadsheet editors auto-formatting data fields (removing leading 0's, dates, barcodes etc).   If you want to be 100% sure no data is auto-formatted, it is highly recommended you import the .csv instead of opening it.
  3. You can update every column in the export EXCEPT for the client/supplier name.   Note:  You can change a name but the result will be the import will create a new client/supplier record.
  4. When you have finished the changes, save or export the .csv.  NOTE:  You don't need to re-import all the rows in the spreadsheet, technically you can remove everything except for the rows you changed.   You do need to retain all the template's columns though.
  5. From the client/suppliers dashboard, click on the Import option in the Actions button.
  6. WorkGuru will return the to the client/supplier dashboard if the update has been successful.  Check an updated client/supplier record to confirm.   If you are experiencing errors importing your data, check here for resolutions for the most common messages or contact the WorkGuru team.