WorkGuru supports the bulk creation of users via a csv import template.  The import template can be uploaded from the Import Hub (Administration -> Imports)

Or from the Users dashboard (Administration -> Settings -> Users)

WorkGuru User import field definitions:

IMPORTANT: The user import relies on unique email addresses for each user. This is used to match existing users when using the import as a tool to update user details along with other mappings around the system. For this reason, every user in your WorkGuru account requires a unique email address.

Note: Newly imported users are assigned the 'User' role name by default.

First Name
A designated username
Unique email address for the user -> We match off this value and it must be unique (Not shared)
TRUE/FALSE - The users active status, only active users can log in
BillingRateRate the user is charged out at, must be a number only
HourlyRateHourly pay. Must be a number onlyRequired
PhoneNumberUser contact number

EmailConfirmTRUE/FALSE If true a confirmation email will be sent to NEW users. FALSE by default
PayrollIdUsers payroll Id
WarehouseDefault warehouse for the user. Set to nothing by default
POApprovalLimitThe maximum value of purchase orders a user can approve. Leave empty for any amount
CapacityThe users available hours per week

WidgetColourAn optional widget colour for the user, black by default. Use Hex values I.e. Black = #000000

PINThe Pin number the user uses to access the WorkGuru Kiosk