WorkGuru allows you to upload notes and files via emailing for the following transaction types:

  • Leads
  • Quotes
  • Projects
  • Stock Sales

To achieve this, send an email to "YourTenancyName"+"Region" and include the transaction document number in the subject line. The body of the email will be shown in the notes section on the transaction details page, and any file attachments will be shown in the files section. The size limit for attachments is 10MB each, 25MB cumulative.

These instructions are also shown in the notes and files sections on the details page of each transaction type.

By default, this functionality will append that email to the first transaction/s whose number is contained within the subject line. Using non-unique numbering sequences may cause the email to be appended to an undesired transaction as a result. For example a subject such as "Attn Project Manager: PRO123" will match to both PRO123 and PRO1234, causing the email to be appended to whichever was created first.

Alternatively, a setting can be enabled to change that behaviour to enforce strict matching to exact transaction numbers. That setting can be found under Administration > Settings > Background Jobs:

Enabling this setting will change the required format for the transaction number in the subject line to be of the form [[Number]]. Re-using the example above, the required subject format would become "Attn Project Manager: [[PRO123]]". The transaction details pages will reflect the format of whichever setting is currently selected:

The region required is dependant on the region in which your WorkGuru account was created and is accessed:

Accessing the platform via
Region required in email
AU or NZ

Note: Users who access the AU/NZ version of the platform (via can still email to transactions with the +Region omitted for legacy support reasons, however we highly recommend including the region to ensure the email lands exactly where intended.