Products can be bulk imported into WorkGuru using the product import function and the CSV Import Template.    Download the import template for the page or this article and choose the csv file then save to upload the products into WorkGuru.

WorkGuru Product Import Template Field Definitions

  • Sku* - Your Product Code which needs to be unique.  Best practices include no spaces, complex characters or leading zeros.
  • Name* - Product Name.
  • Description - Product Description
  • Barcode - UPC or EAN Barcode on product packaging.
  • Brand - Product brand for reporting
  • SupplierName - Name of Supplier - MUST MATCH EXISTING SUPPLIER
  • SupplierCode - Supplier's product code.
  • CostPrice* - Default cost price of product
  • SellPrice* - Default sell price of product
  • PurchaseTaxCode - Purchase Tax - Entered as Text matching Xero Tax Name (eg GST on Expenses)
  • SellTaxCode - Sales Tax - Entered as Text matching Xero Tax Name (eg GST on Income) 
  • Category - Product category for reporting
  • TrackingType*  - FIFO for stock on hand products or NonStock for expense products
  • IsActive - TRUE for yes, FALSE for no.
  • AccountCode - Xero GL Account for Sales of this product.

*Indicates minimum