Workguru allows you to fully manage your Users once they have been invited.   You have a number of management functions available to you from the actions button in the User dashboard:

  • Login as this user - allows admins to super-user in as that user without having to know their password.  This is really handing when you are testing permission for that user or they have reported issues with their login.
  • Edit - allows you to update the users details, such as their last name or hourly cost, reset their password or assign them to a different role.
  • Permissions - Override their role permissions
  • Unlock - If they user has locked themselves out due to your defined login security policies, you can unlock them here.
  • Delete - Delete a user.  This cannot be reversed, it is suggested you mark them inactive via the Edit option first.  However, deleting a user will not delete their activity in WorkGuru, such as timesheets etc.