To bulk import your clients into WorkGuru via a spreadsheet, first you need to create or convert your existing Client in Contact data into the WorkGuru Client Import template (attached).   If you are experiencing errors importing your data, check here for resolutions for the most common messages or contact the WorkGuru team.

Import Template Field Definitions

NameCompany or Client NameRequired
Address1Street Address
Address2Street Address2
PhonePrimary Phone
WebsiteWebsite URL
ABNBusiness Number
CreditDaysPayment Terms (xDays or xEOM where x = number of days)
BillingClientInvoicing Client Name (Must match existing client)
IsActiveClient status (TRUE = Active, FALSE = Inactive) -> If you do not specify, Active will be applied by defaultRequired
CodePrevious system's client code for reference only - not used by WorkGuru or Xero
PriceTierPrice Tier Name (Must match exact price tier name created in WG)

DefaultInvoiceTemplateThis must match an existing invoice template by name exactly
DefaultQuoteTemplateThis must match an existing quote template by name exactly

CurrencyAUD, GBP, USD, NZD, etc
TaxRateE.g GST on Income
NewNameAllows you to update an existing Clients name, with a new one

Optional Fields

If you require additional addresses, you can create custom fields to capture these, such Postal Address, Postal City etc.   You can import your custom fields by adding columns to the import spreadsheet with the custom field name as the header.  For example, if the custom field name is PostalAddress1, the header would look like this:

WorkGuru Pty Ltd141 Logan Rd

Once the spreadsheets are filled out, they can be imported from the Actions button from the client dashboard, selecting Import Clients +.

Tips for a successful import:

  • If you are expecting your imported Names to match existing ones in Xero, ensure that all names match Xero EXACTLY - case sensitive including whitespace.
  • Ensure you have included the required fields.
  • If you are using the BillingClient field, it needs to match an existing client already in WorkGuru.   You need to ensure the billing clients are created or imported first.
  • Ensure there are only numbers in the phone number fields, email addresses in email field, website in website fields etc. 
  • Do not include symbols and comma's etc in the data.
  • Check for and remove whitespaces in the data.