To bulk import you Suppliers into WorkGuru via a spreadsheet, first you need to create or convert your existing Supplier data into the WorkGuru Supplier Import template (attached).

NameCompany Name
Address1Street Address
EmailPrimary Email
PhonePrimary Phone
ABNBusiness Number

The supplier contacts are imported as a separate import template.   If there are multiple contacts for a supplier, just repeat the same supplier name in the first column (Supplier) on the multiple rows of client data.

SupplierSupplier company name (Must match existing supplier name exactly)
FirstNameContact first name
LastNameContact last name
Phone1Phone number
Phone2Mobile number
EmailEmail address
PositionPosition in company

Once the spreadsheets are filled out, they can be imported from the Actions button from the suppliers dashboard.  It is important that the spreadsheets are imported in the correct order:

  1. Supplier Template
  2. Supplier Contact Template

If the supplier contact template is imported first it will fail.