WorkGuru allows you to bulk upload alternate supplier pricing.  This is when you purchase the same product from different suppliers and you need to record the alternate suppliers pricing and product code.

The alternate supplier pricing is not part of the main product import spreadsheet template.  It is managed as a secondary import after the primary SKU has already been setup.   The product you are adding the alternate pricing to MUST already be setup in WorkGuru.

Download the alternate supplier pricing import template.  Save the template as a .csv.

Product SKU you are adding the alternate pricing to.  NOTE: Must already exist in WorkGuruRequired
Supplier name.   NOTE:  Must match an existing supplier name exactly - case sensitive.
Alternate supplier product code (their code)
CostAlternate supplier pricing ex GST.  Must be a number and can't be blankRequired

From the product dashboard's (Administration -> Products) actions menu, select Import Alternate Suppliers

Click Choose file and select the import file.

Click Save to import the alternate supplier pricing.