To bulk import your Suppliers into WorkGuru via a spreadsheet, first you need to create or convert your existing Supplier data into the WorkGuru Supplier Import template (attached). If you are experiencing errors importing your data, check here for resolutions for the most common messages or contact the WorkGuru team.

Supplier Import Mandatory Field Definitions

NameSupplier company nameRequired
Address1Street Address
Address2Street Address 2
PhonePrimary Phone
WebsiteWebsite URL
ABNBusiness Number

CreditDaysPayment Terms (xDays or xEOM where x = number of days)
SupplierTaxRateAccounting tax code.


If you require additional addresses, you can create custom fields to capture these, such Postal Address, Postal City etc. You can import your custom fields by adding columns to the import spreadsheet with the custom field name as the header. For example, if the custom field name is PostalAddress1, the header would look like this:


141 Logan Rd

Once the spreadsheets are filled out, they can be imported from the Actions button from the suppliers dashboard, selecting Import Suppliers +.

Tips for a successful import:

  • Ensure you have included the mandatory fields.
  • Ensure there are only numbers in the phone number fields, email addresses in email field, website in website fields etc. 
  • Do not include symbols and comma's etc in the data.
  • Check for and remove white spaces in the data.