WorkGuru requires a default warehouse to exist so it can be used as a default location and delivery address on purchase orders.  Part of the initial setup is to edit the default location with your warehouse's location details.

Open the warehouse dashboard at Stock -> Warehouses. There will be a default warehouse, Primary, that needs to be edited with your warehouse address information.

Open the default warehouse by clicking on the name, Primary, and click Edit Warehouse.

Update the warehouse details. The default warehouse information displays as the delivery address when raising purchase orders.

  • Name - Warehouse name.
  • Address1 - Warehouse address.
  • Address2 - Warehouse address.
  • Suburb - Warehouse city.
  • State - Warehouse state.
  • Postcode - Warehouse postcode.
  • IsActive - Warehouse status. Selected is Active, De-selected is InActive.
  • IsDefault - Used to specific the default warehouse if multiple are setup.  Only one default can be set.

Save the the warehouse information and your default warehouse has been setup.