You can add additional warehouses to WorkGuru from the Warehouses dashboard.

  1. From the WorkGuru menu click on Stock -> Warehouses
  2. Click +Add Warehouse
  3. Add the warehouse name and its location address.  You can also set the new warehouse to be the default stock location for all transactions.
  4. Click save to add the warehouse.
  5. The new warehouse is now active with no stock on hand.  NOTE:  The stock list (FIFO products) is global and is the same list in all warehouses.  You cannot have specific products in specific warehouses, only the stock on hand count, par levels and stock location will change.  To add stock on hand to the new warehouse:
    1. If the location already has physical stock on hand, conduct a full stocktake
    2. Select the new warehouse on the next PO to receive stock to that location.
    3. Adjust stock in via a stock adjustment.