When a project has been completed as per the requirements of your particular workflow (invoiced, all timesheets, materials used and project purchase orders recorded etc), it is important to close the project off in WorkGuru.

Marking Projects as Complete

Project Detail Page

To close off a project, simply click the Mark as Complete button from the project's Quick Actions menu.

WorkGuru will prompt you if there are any outstanding items on the the project so nothing is missed.  Click Cancel to go back to the project to update any items.  Click OK to complete the project.

Completed projects are now archived out of the current project list on the projects dashboard.

Project Dashboard Page

Projects can also be completed directly on the project detail page (list view).  This allows you complete a number of projects quickly.   Select Completed from the Status dropdown for the relevant projects.

Note: Completing projects from the project dashboard will not check for outstanding items on the project.

Accessing Completed Projects

You can access completed projects by clicking the See Completed Projects button from the projects dashboards Quick Actions menu.

From the completed project dashboard, switch back to the current project list by clicking See Current Projects.

Marking Projects as Incomplete

If a project was completed by mistake, or you need to track additional admin or actuals on a completed project, you can reverse the completion.  From the completed project detail page, you can then revert the completed project back to a current one by clicking the Mark as Incomplete from the Quick Actions menu on the project's detail page.

The project will then be available in the current project dashboard.